at Schafhof

On May 21st the ART#DAY 050 took place at Schafhof - European House of Art Upper Bavaria and was dedicated to the lively artist-exchange between the cities of Dachau and Oświęcim.

Apart from the founding members of the exchange, Paweł Warchoł from Oświęcim and Heiko Klohn from Dachau, Florian Marschall (artist from Dachau), Director Leszek Szuster (IYMC), aswell as the Mayor of Dachau, Florian Hartmann and District administrator Stefan Löwl and his polish counterpart Zbigniew Starzec took part in this event. Eike Berg, director of the Schafhof in Freising, praised the project as “very exemplary”, because it was not dictated from above but arose through private dedication.

Leszek Szuster and Zbigniew Starzec also used the visit to Freising in order to discuss future projects between the IYMC, the city of Oświęcim and the City and municipality of Dachau with Mayor Florian Hartmann and District administrator Stefan Löwl.

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