Historical walk

through the city of Oświęcim/Auschwitz

Oświęcim is a city of approximately 40 000 inhabitants, which is known throughout the world by the name Auschwitz. In 1940 it was here that German National Socialists built the largest concentration and death camp in Europe. The city was to become a so called Musterstadt (model city) for the settlement in the east

The symbol of Auschwitz predominates the history of the town of Oświęcim ever since. During your stay in Oświęcim it is worth getting to know the less known aspects of its history. Especially the traces of the Jewish community, counting 7 000 members before the war. Only one synagogue, restored in 2000, and the Jewish Cemetery survived until today and are open for visitors. The city tour offered by the volunteers of the IYMC also gives an insight into the everyday life of the inhabitants of the city, which has undergone a dynamic architectural and cultural change in recent years.

The city tour lasts roughly 3 hours and is being offered in German and English by the volunteers of the IYMC.

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