Meetings with Survivors

Meeting and talking with survivors is a valuable and unique experience for young people, who only know the history of WW II and the Holocaust from books and movies.

During the meeting the participants get to know the fate of individuals, who suffered the atrocities of the German National Socialist regime in concentration camps, KL Auschwitz in particular. The participants of past meetings stress that meeting a survivor has enabled them to grasp the extent of psychological suffering of the people who were deprived of their rights and had their identity stolen. The participants could also learn more about survival strategies and the impact such experiences had on the lives of the survivors after the war.

We can organise such a meeting upon consulting the availability of the survivor. The meetings are usually planned for 3 hours. There is a possibility to have the meeting translated into a foreign language (You have to plan a honorarium for the meeting itself as well as for the translator.).

Unfortunately we are unable to organise such a meeting for every group. However the groups always have a possibility to check our media centre stock for meetings with survivors recorded by the IYMC or documentaries based on individual fates. You can also ask the educators or the volunteers of the IYMC for advice.

Hotel Services

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