The Workshops, on the one hand, allow to broaden and deepen the knowledge about National Socialism, World War II, the Holocaust, the KL Auschwitz and their European context. On the other hand, they draw attention to present problems and foster the development of personal responsibility.

The workshops are held by educators of the IYMC. A workshop for a group of max. 30 participants costs 400 PLN.

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Nataliia Tkachenko

Nataliia Tkachenko
– Graduated from the Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University with the master’s degree in English Philology.

The scope of interest includes the pedagogy of memorial sites and citizenship education.

Organizes exchange programs for young people from Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

Jérôme Déodat

Jérôme Déodat
– Studied international communication and translation at the University of Hildesheim. Is our direct link to the International Auschwitz Committee, with which he works in close cooperation for numerous years. His tasks in the IYMC range from organizing exhibition and cultural events to working with our international partners.


The proposed workshop topics:


for the Visit at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site

Going on a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site, only few young people foreknow what they are going to see there.

Argument Biography

- Human Values in an Unhuman World

Recognizing values and creating an environment for shaping one’s personality is the foundation of the education of children and youths. Literary works can be an instrument of shaping a world based on values, especially if they represent a hierarchy of values which were achieved in difficult situations, e.g. in the light of the events of World War II.

People of Good Will

- Silent Heroism of Aleksandra Kołodziejczyk

The main character of the workshop is Aleksandra Kołodziejczyk nee Bystroń, a liaison officer of the Home Army in the time of WWII. Mrs. Kołodziejczyk together with her whole family engaged actively in helping the prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, organizing food and medicaments for them as well as sheltering escapees.

Human Rights

in Poster Art

The topic of human rights and their violation is one of the most urgent and earnest in contemporary world.


of the Visit at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site – Reflections of Participants

The workshop consists of a number of exercises aiming at facilitating collective reflection and processing the visit at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site.

Auschwitz Album

- A History of a Hungarian Transport

The workshop, elaborated by the Institute Yad Vashem, is based on 207 photographs of the Bilke Jewish community and the Jacob family. This collection of documents is known as the “Auschwitz Album” or the “Lili Jacob Album.”

Searching for Traces

- Jewish cemetery in Oświęcim

Though having acquired the notorious association with the major extermination site during the Nazi occupation, before the outbreak of WWII the town of Oświęcim enjoyed the status of “Oświęcim Jerusalem”.

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