Auschwitz Album

The photos were taken in Auschwitz-Birkenau in May or the beginning of June 1944 and accidentally found by Holocaust survivor Lili Jacob at the time of liberation. During the workshop the participants get the possibility to gain a more complete picture of the camp’s function as part of the “Final Solution” by using photos in combination with additional sources. The pedagogical rationale of the workshop is to focus on individuals during the Holocaust. Therefore, the humanity of those who became victims is stressed and not their victimhood. One of the leading principles of Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy is to create empathy with the survivors as well as the victims. We therefore focus on students’ emotions and how they relate to this material. The first part of the workshop concentrates on the Auschwitz Album as a type of family album, where Lili Jacob’s only family photos have been preserved. The second part of the workshop puts the serious questions about the killing apparatus of the camp and the story of the transport through its various stages in the focus. In order to provide a broad perspective and understanding, the unit makes use of source materials other than the album, such as letters and testimonies.

16 +
3 hours
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*Recommended after the visit at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site

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