of the head of the German Social Democrats (SPD) - Sigmar Gabriel
Sigmar Gabriel

On the 11th of June Sigmar Gabriel – Head of the German Social Democrats (SPD) and Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany visited Oświęcim.

Together with a group of youths he visited the grounds of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. Then he came to the International Youth Meeting Centre where, after some welcoming words by Director Leszek Szuster, he took part in a discussion with Poles and Germans. The audience was made up of trainees from Volkswagen, pupils from Bieruń and a group of policemen from Hamburg. The discussion was moderated by Christoph Heubner – Executive Vice-President of the International Auschwitz Committee and Chairman of the Foundation for the IYMC.

The main theme was the motivation of young people coming to Oświęcim, the meaning of the experiences they gathered during their stay, but also the challenges of the current political shift towards the right. Mr. Gabriel also reflected on his first visit to Oświęcim 30 years ago and commented on the work of the IYMC: What you do here concerns the 1. Article of the German constitution, which is about human rights.

The event was accompanied by short musical performance by Matthias from Salzgtitter on the guitar and Patrycja from Bieruń (vocals).

fot. M. Musielak

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