Karl Höcker Album

Karl Höcker Album

On the 26th of March in the IYMC in Oświęcim the Trans-Atlantic Theatre performed the play "Karl Höcker Album". The performance is based on the analysis of images contained in a personal album of the SS officer Karl Höcker, adjutant of Richard Baer, one of the commanders of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

This album, which was handed over to the Holocaust Museum in Washington in 2006, contains 116 images, which show senior SS officers and their assistants while they relax in the resort called Solahütte, located about 20 km from Auschwitz and during official meetings in the camp. On the pictures there are many important figures: Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Höss, Richard Baer and Josef Kramer. There are no photos of prisoners or any images from the death camp.

Trans-Atlantic Theatre created the performance using the methods of documentary theater, creative interpretations of documentary source materials and research, improvisations and multimedia.

The Karl Höcker Album offers a unique insight into the history of the Holocaust and its perpetrators. Instead of inhuman monsters, it shows people relaxing, singing, playing with dogs, flirting, laughing and even decorating a Christmas tree – said Paul Bargetto – director of the performance.

For the performance at the IYMC we hosted honoured guests – Zofia Posmysz and professor Wacław Długoborski – former prisoners of KL Auschwitz. Among the audience were also trainees and managers from the Volkswagen AG under the supervision of Christoph Heubner, Axel Passeier, Antina Schulze and Bettina Richter.

Cast: Julia Trembecka, Marta Król, Krzysztof Polkowski, Grzegorz Sierzputowski, Tomasz Sobczak; Direction: Paul Bargetto

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