Showing of the film

“My Friend the Enemy”, Director Wanda Kościa
My Friend the Enemy

Today, on April 7th, the IYMC organized an intergenerational meeting around Wanda Kościa’s documentary “My Friend the Enemy”, where we discussed the issues of shaping memory of tragic past events and remembering without hatred. The film documents a trip of the Polish survivors of the Volhynia massacre to the Volhynia territories in search of the families of the Ukrainians, who were saving them.

The guests from the “Samborzanie” Club of the Society of the Friends of Lviv and the South-Western Territories spoke about their personal memories of the Volhynian tragedy as well as their reflections as to the film and modern Polish-Ukrainian relations. The youth from the Complex of Secondary Schools No. 1 in Oświęcim listened attentively to the commentaries and shared their thoughts on the film. The participants of the meeting underlined the necessity for open Polish-Ukrainian discussions about the Volhynia massacre as well as for prevention of the usage of the topic for political needs. The discussion was led by Dr Alicja Bartuś and Nataliia Tkachenko.

Fot. IYMC, A. Kasperek

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