“Gift of Remembrance”

Alexander Van der Bellen honored by the International Auschwitz Committee

Van der Bellen

On Janury 30th the President of Austria, Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen, hosted a delegation of the International Auschwitz Committee, the International Youth Meeting Centre and Austrian Holocaust-Survivors at the Hofburg in Vienna.

On this occasion Mr. Van der Bellen was awarded the “Gift of Remembrance” by the International Auschwitz Committee for his commitment for democracy and human rights.

The journalist and Auschwitz-Survivor Marian Turski praised Van der Bellen in his speech as a “mentsch” (Yiddisch), somebody who truly represents “human values”. “Auschwitz did not fall from the sky” President once said in context of political situation in Europe in 1939 according to Turski. Van der Bellen is “one of those”, who expresses his opposition to any signs of violation of human rights, anti-Semitism and racism.

Following the award ceremony Director Szuster had the opportunity, during a private meeting, to talk to the President about the long lasting cooperation with the in the IYMC and also with the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Austrian volunteers from many years support educational work of IYMC) and Association of Austrian Roma. Director Szuster together with Mr. Jérôme Déodat gifted the Zofia Posmysz’s novella „Christus from Auschwitz” to Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen with special dedication for President of Austria.

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