Minister Heiko Maas

visits the IYMC

On 20th of August 2018 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Mr Heiko Maas, accompanied with the delegation of 40 persons, among them 10 young attachés, visited Oświęcim.

The programme started with the visit in the Museum and Memorial Auschwitz-Birkenau, delegation was guided by the former prisoner of KL Auschwitz, vice president of the International Auschwitz Committee, Marian Turski.

After the visit in a former concentration camp, Minister Maas came to the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz, where he took part in the discussion with young people: trainees of VW, students from Bielsko-Biała, volunteers and intern of the IYMC and young diplomats from the delegation, moderated by the executive vice president of IAC and vice president of the Managing Board of the IYMC Foundation, Christoph Heubner. Before that discussion, concerned on the topic of commemoration and responsibility, Mr Maas met with the representatives of IYMC and IAC, Marian Turski, Christoph Heubner and Leszek Szuster.

Talking to the young people Maas stressed: “I think that the loudness of the racists and anti-Semites mainly has to do with the fact that the others are so quiet.” And added: I think that many people underestimate their possibilities to speak up for tolerance and cultural openness. He hopes, together with many others, that young people will step up in society and on the internet.

Minister Maas had also the pleasure of short meeting with the group of young people from Saarland – where he comes from.

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