de la 2e Génération at the IYMC

Témoins de la 2e Génération

Between 26th and 29th of October 2018 the IYMC hosted a group of 150 participants of the study trip organized by “Témoins de la 2e Génération” from Luxembourg.

The group consisted mostly of the students of secondary schools from Luxembourg. The special guest was Paul Sobol – Auschwitz Survivor. Like every year – the group was accompanied by the EU parliamentarian, Charles Goerens.

The four days lasting programme offered the participants possibility to deepen their knowledge about the history of Jews during national socialism and to face the testimonies of the witnesses. There was also a space for personal reflections. The most significant moment for the group, accompanied by Mr. Sobol, was paying tribute to the victims of Auschwitz and commemorating them by the Death Wall and the monument in Birkenau.

Young people emphasized, that the most precious moment for them was the possibility to meet the Survivor.

The Témoins de la 2e Génération are planning to continue the long lasting tradition of organizing study trips to Oświęcim / Auschwitz in cooperation with the IYMC.

Pictures: Témoins de la 2e Génération

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