Dear friends

of the house, dear inhabitants of the Oświęcim region

many days have passed since we welcomed you to the Krakow Poetry Salon on March 1st. We count each and every one of them, and like you, we long for a reunion. We also think of those who cannot hide in their own homes and serve us every day - in shops, at petrol stations, but above all in health centres and hospitals. Dear doctors, nurses, rescue workers, chambermaids, without your work and commitment we would have no chance of survival as a society. Thank you very much!

Words can not express how deep this gratitude is, so we will try to express it through deeds. Tiny, but coming from our hearts. The pandemic tore us away from our usual activities, but we still have our special weapons - the legendary kitchen of the MDSM. And we will not hesitate to use this weapon - through our fantastic kitchen ladies. Beware corona virus, because here they come - anti-virus cakes - ROYAL-ANTIDOTE! Soon they will reach the staff of our hospital and - we hope - at least for a moment put a smile on their worried and tired faces :-)

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