Dr Herbert Diess

visits Auschwitz Memorial
Herbert Diess

On December 1st the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Dr. Herbert Diess, visited the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum and the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim /Auschwitz.

100 years

of Polish independence

100 years

On the 11th of November a representation of our Foundation took part in the ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of Polish independence.

Minister Heiko Maas

visits the IYMC

On 20th of August 2018 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Mr Heiko Maas, accompanied with the delegation of 40 persons, among them 10 young attachés, visited Oświęcim.

Light in the Darkness

A trilateral dance theatre workshop
Wolfsburg 2017

From the 5th until the 11th of December the young people from Oświęcim participated in the second part of the Polish-German-Ukrainian dance theatre project “Light in the Darkness”. This time the group visited Wolfsburg and showed their play at the Antifa-Woche festival, organized by the IG Metall Wolfsburg.

General Assembly

„I don’t want our past to become the future of our children“
Walne zgromadzenie MKO

These were the words which the President of the International Auschwitz Committee (IAC), Mr. Roman Kent (New York), addressed to the participants of the General Assembly of the International Auschwitz Committee, which took place at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oswiecim/Auschwitz (IYMC) from August 29th-30th.


of Manfred Weber at the IYMC

Manfred Weber

Today the IYMC hosted Mr. Manfred Weber, the Chairman of EPP Group in the EP, who accompanied by a delegation, visited Oświęcim.


de la 2e Génération at the IYMC

Témoins de la 2e Génération

Between 26th and 29th of October 2018 the IYMC hosted a group of 150 participants of the study trip organized by “Témoins de la 2e Génération” from Luxembourg.

“Gift of Remembrance”

Alexander Van der Bellen honored by the International Auschwitz Committee

Van der Bellen

On Janury 30th the President of Austria, Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen, hosted a delegation of the International Auschwitz Committee, the International Youth Meeting Centre and Austrian Holocaust-Survivors at the Hofburg in Vienna.

Presidium of the IAC

meets in Berlin
MKO Berlin

From the 8th-10th of November the presidium of the International Auschwitz Committee gathered in Berlin for a meeting.

Roma Genocide

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

On August 2nd 2017 a ceremony took place in the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the liquidation of the so-called “Gypsy Camp”. For this occasion – apart from a delegation of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma- survivors of the camp, representatives of the polish state, ambassadors and members of Sinti & Roma associations from different countries, as well as a delegation from the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oswiecim/Auschwitz came to Birkenau.

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