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„Light in the Darkness”

Summer is the time of sunny weather, good mood, travelling, new interesting acquaintances and experiences. And all this one could surely find in the international project “Light in the Darkness”, organized on 22nd -29th July by the International Youth Meeting Centre in cooperation with Tanzendes Theater e.V. from Wolfsburg (Germany), Students’ sports club “Jocker” by the Complex of Secondary Schools Nr 1 in Oświęcim, and Gymnasium-Boarding School-Dance School „Prolisok” in Kropyvnytskyi (Ukraine).

We say goodbye to a friend

Richard Pyritz

The workers and friends of the International Youth Meeting Centre mourn for Dr Richard Pyritz, who passed away on 12th Mai in Lübeck.

Showing of the film

“My Friend the Enemy”, Director Wanda Kościa
My Friend the Enemy

Today, on April 7th, the IYMC organized an intergenerational meeting around Wanda Kościa’s documentary “My Friend the Enemy”, where we discussed the issues of shaping memory of tragic past events and remembering without hatred. The film documents a trip of the Polish survivors of the Volhynia massacre to the Volhynia territories in search of the families of the Ukrainians, who were saving them.


of BVB and Evonik
BVB Evonik

On the 23 of march the IYMC hosted delegation of BVB and Evonik. The group under the supervision of Andreas Kahrs and Daniel Lörcher, who are visiting our House since 2011, during the meeting with director of IYMC Leszek Szuster learnt about history and activity of IYMC. Daniel Lörcher presented information about program of BVB fans study trips.


for Leszek Szuster
Leszek Szuster

We are pleased to inform that the Director of the International Youth Meeting Centre Foundation, Mr. Leszek Szuster, was among the laureates of the newspaper Gazeta Krakowska plebiscite “Personality of the Year 2016” in the category Culture in the district of Oświęcim.


of the first transport of Poles to Auschwitz

77. rocznica pierwszego transportu

On the 14th of June an IYMC delegation took part in celebrations commemorating the 77th anniversary of the first transport of Poles to the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

Young leaders

at the RYLA seminar

Today we hear a lot about the things, that divide us in Europe. The participants of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award seminar under the title “Set Piers – Build Bridges” met on 10th-14th May in Frankfurt (Oder) to discuss what unites us in Europe and how the European community should develop in the face of current challenges.


Karl Höcker Album

Karl Höcker Album

On the 26th of March in the IYMC in Oświęcim the Trans-Atlantic Theatre performed the play "Karl Höcker Album". The performance is based on the analysis of images contained in a personal album of the SS officer Karl Höcker, adjutant of Richard Baer, one of the commanders of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Helmut Morlok

6.04.1929 – 10.03.2017
Helmut Morlok

He was a co-founder and co-creator of our house: The International Youth Meeting Centre owes its charm and attractivity towards young people from all over the world, who come to this place in order study the history of the German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau but also to get to know the memories of the survivors, to his creativity and architectural concept.

Adam Makowicz

at the IYMC
Adam Makowicz

On October 21st a concert of Adam Makowicz, polish and world-renowned jazz legend, took place at the International Youth Meeting Centre.

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