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Meeting with Jurek Owsiak

The guest of the first meeting of the "House of values" project, which took place on September 14, 2018, was Jurek Owsiak, who referred to one of the "signposts" of the IYMC - breaking down barriers. Which barriers today seem to be the most harmful in the Polish reality nowadays and how to overcome them? He sought the answer to this question in an interview with Leszek Szuster.

The talk was full of reflections on the lack of tolerance and understanding for otherness. However, Jurek Owsiak presented a very optimistic approach to the problems and difficulties he encounters in his projects. He argued that the best recipe for overcoming difficulties and the so-called “hate” is a consistent pursuit of a set goal and a constant "doing your job". The head of the largest Polish charity campaign also argued that the key to success and breaking down barriers is self-confidence.

The guest also answered numerous questions from the audience. He also did not forget to pass on his thanks to the staff of the WOŚP (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) in Oświęcim, which he placed in the hands of the Chief of Staff, Apolonia Maj.

Photo. Krzysztof Janik

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