The IYMC team - WE - work every day with very complicated issues, requiring responsibility for words, sensitivity, and empathy. It does not matter what our job is - each of us takes seriously the mission of our Centre and its place in its implementation. Although there is a smile on our face - every day we are serious and we believe that this is how we do our work.


A graduate of the Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology and the Jagiellonian University (Faculty of Philosophy and History). Pedagogue. Since 1996, director of the Foundation for the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim. Initiator of seminars and conferences in the area of implementing the pedagogical concept of the IYMC, “Auschwitz as a place of learning.” Author and co-author of exhibitions documenting the pedagogical activities of the Centre and numerous publications in professional journals in Poland and Germany. Member of many expert advisory bodies.

ALBERT SZAŁAS deputy director

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics (1996) as well as post-graduate studies in accounting and finance (1999) at the Cracow University of Economics. Has worked at the IYMC since 2014. He coordinates activities within the administrative, technical and kitchen departments, and is the chief accountant of the Centre.

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