House of values




Meeting with Andrzej Seweryn

On June 7, 2019, the IYMC invited for a second meeting within the “House of values” project. Our guest was the outstanding actor and theatre director Andrzej Seweryn, director of the Polish Theatre in Warsaw, .

In an interview entitled " First of all, respect...", moderated by Leszek Szuster, Andrzej Seweryn emphasized that it is a widespread lack of respect in our current reality that is the reason for many tensions, conflicts, lowering the level of public debate in Poland. The guest also referred to extremely disturbing phenomena occurring in virtual reality, having similar sources. Andrzej Seweryn willingly answered numerous questions from the Oświęcim audience.

Before the debate on respect, the participants of the project took part in the ceremonial unveiling of murals documenting the project and a conversation with their author, an artist from Lublin, Łukasz Majerowski. Andrzej Seweryn personally signed his large-format portrait decorating a wall in the IYMC gardens. 

Photo. Krzysztof Janik

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