We are in the town of Oświęcim to remind about Auschwitz. To convince, that we must learn from the past. We show that Oświęcim can be a place of meetings, reconciliation, and understanding. We are in the town of Oświęcim so that Auschwitz will not be repeated.


The 86th Cracow Poetry Salon at the IYMC

The 86th Cracow Poetry Salon at the IYMC with the title "Remanent" took place on 19 March 2023 at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim. During the meeting there was a promotion of Janusz Toczek's book Remanent, published by the Foundation for the IYMC. “Professor” Toczek's work was introduced by Małgorzata Gwóźdź, while the conversation with the author was led by Leszek Szuster. The works contained in the publication were read by friends and alumni of the author: Lech Chodacki, Kazimierz Homa, Beata Kasprzyk-Juszczyk, Arkadiusz Juszczyk, Anna Koźlik, Ola Lisak, Łukasz Mrzygłód, Wiola Suska and Agnieszka Wróblewska. The musical setting was provided by Maria Kudełka-Gonet and Piotr Kudełka.

The book was written on the initiative of Leszek Szuster, long-time director of the IYMC. The author of the graphic design is Ewa Natkaniec.

Janusz Toczek was born on 15 November in Dynów in the Podkarpacie region, where he also graduated from high school.  He studied theatre studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, but felt called to the teaching profession, so after graduation he took a job as a Polish teacher at the Rev. St. Konarski Secondary School in Oświęcim and to this day cannot part with it. Together with his wife Jadwiga, he created the school theatre "Na Stronie", for which he wrote the original scripts of plays that were quite richly awarded at numerous festivals and reviews of amateur theatres. Author of song lyrics sung here and there. He is strongly associated with the IYMC in Oświęcim, where he has been co-hosting the Cracow Poetry Salon in Oświęcim since 2005.

The project is carried out with the support of the City of Oświęcim, Oświęcim County, EnCo Engineering Company, OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory Sp. z o. o. , Austrotherm Sp. z o. o., RE-Bau Sp. z o. o. and Gebrüder Weiss Sp. z o.o.. The publication was made possible thanks to the support of the City of Oświęcim and Oświęcim County as well as the OMAG Machinery and Equipment Factory.

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